White Wines

We feature fine Washington grapes as well as grape stock selected from around the world.


Grown in cooler climates, the variety delivers apple, pear and citrus fruit flavors and refreshing acidity with round, soft tones with minimal oak overtones.
   © Can Stock Photo / PavelShlykov


Our signature wine made with Washington grown kiwis, this delightful wine has a grape-feel body but rounds out to a citrus tangy aftertaste.

Manor White

A crisp blend of white wine grapes to highlight full-bodied citrus flavors, balanced acidity, and a lightly sweet aftertaste natural to the grapes.

Pink Lady

Our sweet offering, lower in alcohol, that makes for delightful sipping but also is a perfect companion to spicy foods and seafoods.


This semi-sweet white boasts an aromatic, deliciously refreshing taste like the nectar of crisp Washington apples, peaches and pears.

Sauvignon Blanc

A dry, refreshing white that stands apart as a great sipping wine ... but will not bow down even to a bold steak. Try manila clams and garlic-butter sauce for a match made in heaven.

White Zinfandel

An outstanding semi-sweet rosé that compliments a wide variety of foods. A perfect sipping wine on a warm afternoon.